If you ain’t 1st, you’re last.

Born from the 1st Rebasing token on Base


Our mission is to make 1stBase go to 1st Place! We want to be the 1st Place memecoin on Base
We come from Rebase so we also want to Make Rebase Great Again!
No Taxes, No rugpull ($500K Liquidity since Base launch in Aug ‘23)


Tokenomics 1
1stBase is from a completely fair launch project in Rebase when Base first launched
Tokenomics 2
Total supply of 1,000,000 tokens
Tokenomics 3
1stBase can be converted to Rebase and vice versa so there is an option for rebasing

Liquidity Incentives

Liquidity Incentives
Volcanos are the reward pools for providing liquidity for 1stBase